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My name is Vilmos Kovács, I am the owner of the Hungarian-based Vilmos Kályha. In my artisan manufactory, we prepare handmade stove tiles using Western European commodities, mainly for the tile stoves and fireplaces that we design.

Due to the handiwork of my colleagues, and also of my friends who are building stoves and fireplaces, our products have reached areas from Berlin to Rimini, from Debrecen to the faraway Argentina.

At the present, our business activity consists of carrying roughly 1500 tile types and 130 colors, providing technical and stylistic consulting, manufacturing of traditional stove tiles, customized painting by hand, and revivification of long-disappeared types.

Our company's main goal is to make sure that your order becomes more unique with us than with our competitors. Therefore, we provide a complex design that matches your demand, possibilities, and building, be it a new type, decoration, or color combination. We are familiar with classic and modern styles.


A little artisan manufactory, with heart and soul for your comfort.

I recommend my business for those who want the warmth of their house to be not just fine, but also beautiful.


For another thing, the tile stove, fireplace, brick cooking-stove or complete outdoor kitchen is healthy, nice, economical, environmentally conscious, and last but not least it provides security in anybody’s home.

By clicking on the picture, you can take a virtual walk in the showroom.


H - 8700 Marcali-Boronka, Váci M. u. 29.


Hétfő - Péntek: 08:00-16:00

Egyéb időpontban: előzetes telefonos egyeztetést követően!


Tel.: +36 (20) 957-6771



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